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Posadas de Colores Opens Wait List

Posadas de Colores 2221 Fruitvale Avenue Oakland CA 94601 (510) 534-6200 gaguila@unitycouncil.org WAIT LIST OPEN for Seniors 62+ or Disabled for 18+ 1 Bdrm. Rent 30% of income. No minimum income requirements. Deposit equal to rent.  Seniors 62+ or Disabled . Select units are ADA accessible or adaptable.  Application must be submitted 2/15. Applications must be received in paper form or legible pdf For Reasonable Accommodations and/or language assistance, contact. Social Service Coordinator, Georgina Aguila, Phone number: (510) 535-6124, Email:gaguila@unitycouncil.org. All units include stove, refrigerator, and carpeting Continue reading →

Casa Montego Opens Wait List for Seniors 62+ and Physically disabled 62+

Casa Montego 1485 Montego Walnut Creek, 94598 (833) 736-3613 WAIT LIST OPEN for SENIORS 62+ and 18+ with physical disability Rent 30% of income. Deposit equal to rent. No min. Income. Eligibility: Head of Household must be age 62 or older at time of application; or age 18 or older and have a disability.  Apply online at www.rentcafe.com/onlineleasing/casa-montego/guestlogin.aspx The waiting list for studio and 1-bedroom units at Casa Montego will open August 26, 2021. Applications must be submitted online by 5:00 PM on September 2, Continue reading →

Valdez Plaza Opens Wait List – Seniors Age 62+ or Age 18+ with Disability

Valdez Plaza 280 28th Street, Oakland, CA 94611 Phone: (833) 281-0451 ValdezPlaza@sahahomes.org 1 bdrm. Rent 30% of Income.  Deposit equals the rent. No Minimum Income Requirement.  Total Household Income must not exceed: 1 person: $47,950.  2 persons: $54,800. 3 persons: $61,650.  The head-of-household must be 62 or older at the time of application, or age 18 or older and have a disability.  Wheelchair OK. Wait lists opens on July 28, 2021 at 9:00 AM. Applications must be submitted online by 5:00 PM on August 4, Continue reading →