Foon Lok West Opens Interest List

Foon Lok West

311 9th Avenue

Oakland, CA 94606

Contact: to add you name to interest list

The interest list is open for Foon Lok West in the Brooklyn Basin Development, a brand new housing development with 1,2 and 3 bedroom units.  Just go to and click on Online inquiry to add your name.  You will receive a notice when the formal application process starts.  You will then fill out an official application. 

Foon Lok West at Brooklyn Basin will provide 130 affordable apartment homes for families in Oakland. The community demonstrates the vision and commitment of one of California’s largest and most diverse cities to build more affordable housing for its residents. The affordable community will be part of a larger mixed-use district that includes retail, parks, and open spaces, and over 3,000 new homes for all generations, all income levels, and people from all walks of life. Foon Lok West started construction in 2020.

Availability posted 10/15/2020