ANNUAL MARKETING WAIT LIST (AML) OPENS 4/1/2021 at 12 P.M. to 4/15/2021 by 12 P.M.  – APPLICATIONS ARE ONLINE ONLY at http://www.ebaldc.org/How-To-Apply   THE AML (ANNUAL MARKETING LIST) MAY BE USED AS A REFERRAL LIST FOR PROJECT BASED VOUCHER (PBV) and LHAP (LOCAL HOUSING ASSISTANT PROGRAM) UNITS.  When a PBV or LHAP unit becomes vacant at Hismen Hin-Nu Terrace, Madrone Hotel, Oak Park Apartments, San Pablo Hotel or Swan’s Market Apartments, EBALDC management will first attempt to lease the unit using Oakland Housing Authority’s (OHA) waiting list. If an applicant is not found within a 30-day period, EBALDC may be able to make its own referral to OHA via the 2021 AML in order to lease the unitTo be considered for vacancies of these PBV and/or LHAP units, simply choose any of these five properties when submitting your pre-app.  Applicants will need to meet the unit’s qualification criteria in order to be invited to the interview process.  Income and other restrictions apply.  ONLY APPLICANTS WHO NEED REASONABLE ACCOMMODATIONS, CAN APPLY FOR PAPER APPLICATIONS by CALLING 1-888-873-4477.   Paper pre-apps due to a Reasonable Accommodation must be completed and postmarked by Thursday, April 22, 2021. All paper pre-apps will be sent and accepted through US mail only. Due to Covid-19, in-person pick up and drop off is not allowed.  For questions about the 2021 AML Opening, call our 2021 AML Hotline at 510-606-1857 or email us at: marketinglist@ebaldc.org.  NOTE: The 2021 Annual Marketing List is for EBALDC’s Below Market Rate/Affordable Housing (BMR) units.  BMR units have fixed rent amounts and minimum/maximum income restrictions that households must meet.  EBALDC accepts Housing Choice Vouchers (HCV) for its BMR units.